Friday, November 27, 2009

Ashley tisdale sex. Like no other!

Ashley tisdale sex. Cool picz...

ashley tisdale sexashley tisdale sexashley tisdale sex
Does anyone think that Ashley Tisdale has HIV surgery? Am I the only one who thinks it's incredibly irresponsible for her and her family blaming a surgical procedure for HIV??? The odds that the true self is astronimically small, only I think you need a step forward and admit they got through unprotected sex for her fans can have a wake up call and learn from their misfortune? I'm not saying that I think is a bad person for it, it can happen to anyone, I think this is just a very irresponsible to go to explain it to contract. It could be a lot of awareness and a lot of good could come of its admission did it and warning young people who are their fans against unprotected sex, I'm the only one who thinks this???
S e x video is here!

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